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Swinney Launches SNP Manifesto for a Future Made in Scotland

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SNP Leader John Swinney today (Wednesday) launched the SNP general election manifesto for ‘a future made in Scotland’ – as he urged voters to put Scotland’s interests first by voting SNP.

The SNP manifesto, which Mr Swinney has said is the only left-of-centre manifesto by any major party in the election, sets out a progressive alternative to the Labour-Conservative consensus on cuts to public spending.

Page one, line one of the manifesto reads “vote SNP for Scotland to become an independent country”, which is essential to strengthen our economy, tackle the cost of living and bring about a fairer country.

The manifesto explicitly argues for a new fiscal approach, in stark contrast to the spending cuts which independent experts agree are set to take place regardless of whether Labour or Conservatives form the next government. 

This includes significant extra funding for the NHS – with a demand for the next UK Government to match the NHS pay deals agreed in Scotland – measures which would unlock an extra £1.6bn in funding for Scotland’s NHS.

In addition, the SNP is calling for Westminster’s £1.3bn cut to Scotland’s capital budget to be reversed to unlock significant investment in new schools, hospitals, rail and road infrastructure in the push towards net zero.

The SNP is also the only party explicitly calling for the UK to rejoin the EU, to reverse the damage caused by Brexit The manifesto also calls for scrapping the two-child cap, scrapping Trident, abolishing the House of Lords and a raft of new measures to empower workers and tackle the cost of living crisis.

Launching the manifesto in Edinburgh today, John Swinney said: 

“We are a moderate left of centre party in the mainstream of Scottish public opinion, firmly rooted in the ideas of inclusion and internationalism. 

“We will always put the interests of people in Scotland first – wherever our people were born; wherever our people come from.

“And at the very heart of our beliefs is the principle that decisions about Scotland should be made by the people who live in Scotland.


“For the simple reason that no-one else cares as much about this wonderful country, and no-one else will do a better job of taking care of it, now and in the future.

“It is through independence therefore that we believe we can build the fairer country and the more prosperous economy we know is possible.

“Not independence for its own sake – independence for the powers to protect our NHS and to help people through tough times. Independence for a stronger economy, and happier, healthier lives.

“And independence for a better future for Scotland – made in Scotland – for Scotland.”

Mr Swinney added:

“We are the only major party arguing for an end to the spending cuts – the arbitrary Tory fiscal rules, adopted by Labour, bake-in more eye-watering cuts.

“£18 billion pounds of cuts.

“We will join with progressive politicians south of the border to press for greater funding for the NHS and for the UK government to match the pay deals we have given our health staff in Scotland. 

“That would see an extra £1.6 billion for the NHS in Scotland.

“And we would introduce a “Keep the NHS in Public Hands Bill” at Westminster – a legal guarantee for a publicly owned, publicly operated health service.

“SNP MPs will press for the 2-child benefit cap to be scrapped. 

“The future of the 2 child cap is a simple test – are you in government to help children out of poverty, or are you so morally lost, that you push more kids into poverty?”

Mr Swinney concluded:

“On July the 4th I am asking you to vote SNP.

“I’m asking you to vote SNP to put the interests of people in Scotland first.

“I’m asking you to vote SNP for a future made in Scotland – for Scotland.”

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