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Friday, January 27, 2023

UK Government Must Step in To Protect Workers as Coronavirus Impact Grows

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CBI warns that hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk.

The SNP has renewed calls on the UK government to step in and protect workers from the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis – calling for clarity over whether or not the UK government’s emergency legislation will help companies pay wages of their workers, defer tax bills, and support vital industries.

Drew Hendry, the SNP’s Shadow BEIS spokesperson (pictured), warned that the arts and entertainment industry, food and drink venues, and hospitality sector, are all under pressure and have raised serious concerns about the devastating impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The CBI has also warned today that “hundreds of thousands of jobs” are potentially at risk if the UK government does not provide the right support, adding that it was a “critical” time for businesses.

Commenting, Drew Hendry MP said:

“As the coronavirus crisis grows, the detrimental impact on workers, key industries and businesses is being felt.

“This will have an impact right across the economy and there have been calls from various sectors including the arts and entertainment industry, food and drink venues, and hospitality sector, calling for more support from the UK government.

“Workers will undoubtedly be worried about whether or not their wages will be paid and the impact that will have on their livelihoods and households.

“While local businesses and industries will be concerned over how they will continue to survive, pay staff wages, and tax bills.

“With the CBI today warning that it this is a ‘critical’ moment for businesses and with hundreds of thousands of jobs on the line, the UK government must step in and act effectively.

“The Prime Minister and the Chancellor should urgently confirm if they will support businesses to pay their staff their wages and defer tax bills during this crisis, and if it will follow the lead of France which has pledged that ‘not a single firm will go bankrupt.’

“The Scottish Government does not hold those powers, however, Westminster does – it must act before it is too late for many of those affected.”

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