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Visit and Enjoy The Highlands Responsibly This Summer  

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Summer and the holiday season are upon us, The Highland Council are extending their welcome to everyone visiting the Highlands this Summer and wish them a great experience, whilst creating lasting memories visiting the majestic and culturally rich Highlands.

Visitors are very welcome across the Highlands; we are all responsible for keeping the area unspoiled and beautiful.

The rural nature and large geographical spread of the Highland area creates many opportunities to travel and experience the dramatic scenery and unique heritage.

However, the natural & historic landscape by its very nature is fragile and requires care, respect and protection to allow us all to enjoy the area for generations to come.

Outdoor Access Manager, Philip Waite said:

“The Highland landscape is spectacular at this time of year, with many opportunities to observe our fantastic wildlife.

“We ask everyone to enjoy the outdoors but to do so responsibly and play their part in keeping the Highlands protected.

“Bag up litter and take it home if bins are unavailable or full. 

“Do not leave bin bags at the side of full litter bins – there’s no litter fairy that magically scoops up roadside litter but there are birds and animals that can shred the bags creating a mess, not only is this unsightly and impacts communities and visitor’s enjoyment it is also a serious threat to wildlife and the environment.

“People should also consider the damage and destruction even a small open fire or barbeque may have on the environment or people around them.

“Burnt grass or peat can take years to restore as could trees cut for fuel.

“Dry whin bushes can quickly catch alight from a stray spark and peaty ground can catch light under the fire.

“Hot embers or discarded barbecue’s are a danger to others if left behind and a real risk of starting a wildfire – if you can’t leave no trace, then don’t have a fire!”

The team of Seasonal Access Rangers are actively out and about engaging with visitors and communities over the summer months, and they will be more than happy to assist with any questions you may have about the area and the suitability to camp or where to park.

All that is asked is that people are realistic in their expectations and recognise that the Rangers are not an emergency service and are there to engage, educate and carry out remedial works.

They can be contacted by email at accessrangers@highland.gov.uk or by phoning the Senior Rangers on 07881 298503 for the South (Skye, Lochaber & SW Ross) and 07909 051223 for the North (all other areas)

After a challenging two years, local businesses and the tourism industry across Highland are looking forward to visitors returning to embrace all that the Highlands has to offer, whilst contributing to the economic recovery of the area. We advise to plan ahead and book accommodation, day trips, excursions and restaurants in advance, particularly during the school holidays as demand is high.

The responsible tourism promise – Let’s Keep Scotland Special and Visit Scotland’s – Keep Scotland Unspoiled #RespectProtectEnjoy are key messages that are important for all to remember whilst enjoying the Highlands.

To find out more information about the Scottish Outdoor Access Code click here

The Highland Council’s website has a dedicated section on tourism, where there are useful guides and links for visiting the Highlands, including public amenities, walks, journey planners, motorhome and campervan guidance.

The Highland Council wish you a happy and safe visit to the Highlands this Summer.

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