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Sunday, July 21, 2024

81st Sitting of The Scottish Youth Parliament 

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Stirling City Council hosted the 81st Sitting of the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP).

Up to 160 MSYPs aged between 14 and 25 met at St Modan’s High School to represent the views of their constituents.

This was Ellie Denehy’s first Sitting as an MSYP and proved to be a great start to the 2023-2025 Membership.

Members of Scottish Youth Parliaments (MSYPs) debated motions from free access to outdoor sporting facilities to calling for improved public transport.

Alannah Logue MSYP, who is a member of the Culture and Media Committee was involved in discussions on raising awareness for religious inclusion.

At the Transport Environment and Rural Affairs Committee (TERA) Ellie and her committee discussed the issues with transport across Scotland.

Ellie said:

“This meeting was really helpful as it gave me another perspective of how poor transport affects people from other constituencies.

“This was my first sitting and I enjoyed every moment of it, I met so many other MSYPs and every one of them were so nice.

“I also got to meet up with Alannah and Nymeria from Orkney, again which was great!”

The Western Isles for the first time has an MSYP as a trustee on the SYP Board – Alannah.

In this important role, Alannah will be involved in key decision making within SYP.

This is a huge achievement.

Alannah reflected on the Sitting, commenting:

“The highlight of the weekend for me was definitely being elected as one of the trustees of the Scottish Youth Parliament at the AGM.

“This was something I worked very hard on, and I am delighted to start my new position.

“Another highlight was getting to see my amazing island girls, Ellie and Nymeria.”

MSYPs also attended a reception at The Albert Halls, Stirling to mark the 25th anniversary of the SYP with music from Capital Scotland’s Katy J and Sistema Scotland’s Big Noise orchestra.

MSYPs plan to hold events in each island to meet young people and would be delighted to attend youth groups or schools.

For more information or to speak to your MSYPs please contact:



If you would like more information on youth opportunities please contact Community Learning and Development youngscot@cne-siar.gov.uk

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