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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Anti-Refugee Bill Sign of Racist Government That has Run Out of Racist Ideas

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The UK government’s shameful anti-refugee policy, announced today, is “desperate and shameful”, say the Scottish Greens.

The Scottish Greens equalities and justice spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP said:

“Even by the appalling standards of the Home Office this is desperate and shameful.

“It is a cynical rehash of the same racist policies that they have already announced before.

“It is the product of a racist government that has run out of racist ideas.

“Yet, it is real people – vulnerable people – who will pay the terrible price for the hatred that it is fuelling.

“Rather than the anti-refuge hostility that has been imposed by successive Labour and Tory governments, the focus should be on providing safe routes to sanctuary, and working with others to address the reasons why so many people are forced to uproot their lives and take such terrible risks.

“Today’s announcement flies in the face of our international obligations.

“It is part of a brutal and racist worldview that has seen the expansion of dawn raids, detention centres and deportation flights to Rwanda. 

“They are the actions of a government that is well aware of the pain it is inflicting on some of the world’s most vulnerable people and simply doesn’t care.

“It is an obvious attempt to use human suffering to distract from the Government’s numerous failures and disastrous polls.

“Scotland can do so much better.

“With independence we can finally introduce a humane and progressive migration policy that recognises the suffering people have endured and offers support and solidarity.

“Until that day, we need safe routes and solidarity, not the kind of vile repression and inhumanity that we have constantly seen from the Home Office.”

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