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Avoidable Deaths Increase by 4%

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More than a quarter of all deaths in Scotland in 2021 were avoidable, according to analysis by National Records of Scotland.

28% of the 63,587 deaths registered last year were considered preventable or treatable, up from 27% in 2020. 

The rate of avoidable deaths in 2021 was 4% higher than the previous year.

Half of the increase in the latest year is attributable to COVID-19 deaths which are considered preventable. 

Cancers and circulatory diseases were the most common causes of avoidable mortality in 2021, accounting for 28% and 25% of all avoidable deaths respectively.

Alcohol and drug-related avoidable mortality rates increased for the ninth year in a row.

Julie Ramsay, Head of Vital Events Statistics, said: 

“Avoidable mortality doesn’t impact everyone equally.

“The rate of avoidable deaths in the most deprived areas was over four times the rate of those in the least deprived areas.

“After adjusting for age, avoidable mortality rates among males were 1.6 times as high as those among females.”

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