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Caked in Make-Up: Harry Gow Launches Bakery-Inspired Beauty Range

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A beloved Highland bakery chain has whipped up a new range of beauty products after fans called for new ways to celebrate their favourite bakes.

Harry Gow’s new Caked in Make-Up range will take inspiration from some of the bakery’s most popular creations – including dream rings, marzipan apples and freshly baked bread.

The bakery has worked with Highland make-up artist Giblean Amadan to create a range that looks good, tastes good and most importantly, makes you feel good!

Each product emulates the scents, tastes and colours of the popular bakes.

Director Sara McIntosh said:

“For six generations our family has been baking here in the Highlands, but in recent years our customers have been looking for new ways to interact with our brand.

“We’ve had people paint match the rich red jam in our empire biscuits for the walls of their downstairs loo, and others try to recreate the colours of our famous marzipan apples in their make-up.

“And now, we’re making it much easier for our customers to add a little extra Harry into their lives!

“We’re delighted to launch the Caked in Make-Up range, inspired by some of our most popular bakes.

“You’ve heard of farm to fork… this is food to face!”

The new make-up range includes:

The Pie-Shadow Palette

A selection of eyeshadows inspired by Harry Gow’s famous pies, to get that perfect smokey eye effect. Comes in five feisty flavours: Macaroni Magic, Curried Favour, Vegan Vixen, Minx & Tatties, and High Steaks.

Marzipan Apple Cheeks

Blush that’s guaranteed to make you look scrummy, taking its cues from the bakery’s famous sweet treats.

Pucker Up Pineapple

Lip-smackingly good lip balm that’s (almost) good enough to eat – inspired by the legendary pineapple tart.

Dream-Cream Foundation

A light, delicate foundation inspired by the fan-favourite dream ring.

Eau de Gow

A perfume that evokes the aromas of freshly baked bread, allowing you to take the bakery with you everywhere you go.

Harry Gow is a popular bakery with 17 stores spread across Inverness, the Highlands and Moray.

To find your nearest shop and to check the latest opening times click here.

Follow the bakery on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @harrygowbakery.

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