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Covid-19 Green Infrastructure Economic Boost


Scottish Company ILI Group claims Green infrastructure projects will hold key to re-energising the economy on the 50th Anniversary of World Earth Day

On the 50th anniversary of world earth day, as the UK enters its fourth week in Lockdown and predictions of the biggest recession in 100 years.

ILI Group have announced their re-commitment to their energy storage infrastructure projects.

ILI Group are behind plans for a 450MW Pumped Storage Hydro at Dores on the Shores of Loch Ness.

They are pushing to have it ready for development next year, with another 2 larger projects to follow.

Pumped Storage Hydro allows the Grid to store energy that cannot be absorbed naturally by consumers during times of peak wind or solar generation.

It does this by using this energy to pump water from a lower reservoir to a top reservoir.

Here the water can be held until times of demand where it is released to the lower reservoir through turbines generating electricity like a conventional hydro plant, this process can be repeated as required.

Mark Wilson ILI Group CEO, said:

“World Earth Day has been a champion of environmental causes over the last 50 years and the Covid-19 crisis has shown how connected we all are across the world.

“Once we are through this, the next existential crisis we all face, Climate change will be front and centre.

“The economic consequences of Covid-19 will be wide reaching but I believe that Green Infrastructure projects can help offer the economic stimulus needed to get back on track plus keeping our Net-zero and climate aspirations on target.

“Our PSH projects will cost over £2 billion and take over 6 years to construct, they will create over a thousand Jobs and help circulate money in those locations.

“Nature has shown us what it can do, we must continue to all work together and protect our future generation”

Simon Hamlyn, CEO for the British Hydro Association said:

“There is a view that when the economy eventually opens up, there may be a conflict between boosting economic activity and encouraging a green agenda.

“There is no such conflict.

“Pumped Storage Hydro demonstrates how both elements can be combined to mutual benefit.

“These are large infrastructure projects essential for the long-term well-being of the UK economy and for future employment.

“At the same time, they will help meet both the UK and Scottish Governments’ green energy targets.”

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