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Discover The Beauty of Loch Ewe at Inverewe Gardens New Art Exhibition

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A new art exhibition capturing the beauty of Loch Ewe and the surrounding landscape is set to take place at Inverewe Garden as part of a new arts programme by the National Trust for Scotland.

The new exhibition, ORIENTATION, co-curated by local artists Anna Brice Cockland and Simon Spare, is part of the Arts at Inverewe programme, developed by the conservation charity, to support the artistic talents of the community surrounding Inverewe and the wider Scottish Highlands.

ORIENTATION showcases the work of long-time friends and collaborators Anna and Simon, who met at art school many years ago, and both live on the far side of Loch Ewe, just across the water from Inverewe’s historic garden, cared for and protected by the National Trust for Scotland.

Martin Hughes, National Trust for Scotland Operations Manager at Inverewe Garden, said:

“We’re delighted to be hosting the new ORIENTATION art exhibition at Inverewe Garden to showcase the amazing work by local artists Anna Brice Cockland and Simon Spare.

“We hope our visitors will enjoy the artwork on display while also experiencing their inspiration, the magnificent landscape of Loch Ewe, in real life to fully immerse themselves in the nature, beauty and heritage of this special place.

“I’d like to thank our members for their continued generosity in supporting our ongoing work to care for, protect and share Scotland’s cultural heritage for the benefit of everyone, now and into the future.”

Inspired by the beautiful landscapes and scenery of the West Highlands, both artists approach their work in different ways despite the same rich source of inspiration, with Anna working in oils while Simon works in acrylics.

Anna Brice Cockland says:

“Being both part of nature and at the same time aware of the void or separation from it, I pause and try to grasp its intangible qualities of the landscape.

“Neither striving for, or resulting in a representational image, my work expresses the necessary negotiation of being here and all that entails.”

The differing styles demonstrate the energy of both artist’s work while also featuring a shared sense of place thanks to the inspiration around them.

Simon Spare says:

“My work is not representational of “the landscape” but is rather informed by it.

“Unable to ignore the influence of my surroundings, everything I make inevitably takes on a sense of local topography.

“My practice is a combination of carefully planned geometries and unconscious gesture, all while embracing the ‘happy accident’.”

Arts at Inverewe programme curator, Ginevra House, says:

“In our 2024 season, we are focusing on supporting local artists, uncovering a wealth of creative talent in the villages surrounding Inverewe and in the Highlands beyond.

“Brice Cockland and Spare’s dynamic, contrasting styles bring the spaces around them to life, while drawing energy from the landscapes right here in Loch Ewe.

“We are very excited collaborating with these two exceptional creators.”

Events at Inverewe Garden, like the Orientation art exhibition, support the National Trust for Scotland’s vision to care for, share and protect Scotland’s natural and cultural heritage, as outlined in its strategy launched in 2022, and contributes to its engagement objectives to provide access and enjoyment for everyone.

Further information about Inverewe is available on the National Trust for Scotland website, here: https://www.nts.org.uk/visit/places/inverewe

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