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Thursday, January 26, 2023

HIAL Petitions Hits Over 1000 Signatures in Just 14 Days

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A petition launched by Shetland MSP Beatrice Wishart (pictured) aimed at halting current plans to centralise air traffic control has now gathered over 1000 signatures in just 14 days since first launched.

The latest milestone comes a week after a newly published report which looked at the impact of the proposals and showed that there was no benefit to Shetland under the current proposals. 

Commenting Ms Wishart said:

“Last week’s Island Communities Impact Assessment vindicated the concerns I and others have consistently raised.

“This project does not have one iota of benefit, and it is clear that people in Shetland agree.

“The number of voices in Shetland who are against this project is growing and as we hit this landmark, I urge the Scottish Government not to bury its head in the sand but to listen and react to the legitimate concerns that have been and continue to be raised.

“This project is bad for Shetland and must be paused.”

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