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Independence Only Way to End Fuel Poor Scots in Energy Rich Scotland

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Former First Minister, Alex Salmond, renewed his call for Scotland to achieve Independence as the only way to end the scandal of fuel poor Scots living in energy rich Scotland.

Speaking in Inverness at the Highlands and Islands launch of the “Wee ALBA Book” – the new case for Independence Mr Salmond said:

“Scotland remains the only country ever to have discovered massive energy resources off her shores, oil, gas and now renewables, and to have gotten poorer – That has been the price of the Union.

“It is a scandal that so many of our people and communities in the Highlands and Islands are experiencing unprecedented levels of fuel poverty, in some cases such as the Western Isles, running at over 50%, while Scotland’s massive energy resources are being siphoned off to meet the UK’s energy security and to boost Sleekit Sunak’s Treasury coffers.

“Only with Independence can the people of Scotland take full control of our massive energy resources into our own hands, lift our people out of fuel poverty and invest in the clean, green and affordable energy sources of the future. 

“Then and only then can we end the indignity of fuel poor Scots living in Energy rich Scotland.”

Mr Salmond was in the capital of the Highlands, Inverness to launch the “Wee ALBA Book” – the new case for Independence, at a meeting at the Chieftan Hotel, 2 Millburn Road, Inverness, IV2 3PS at 4.00 pm.

Mr Salmond was joined by two of the ALBA council candidates Marjory Smith and Hector MacLeod and the Folk band Schiehallion.

ALBA Council candidate for the Nairn and Cawdor ward, Marjory Smith, who has the backing in this election from the longest serving SNP Highlands councillor and former Provost Liz MacDonald, commented:

“It is great to welcome Alex Salmond to Inverness for the Highlands launch of the Wee ALBA Book.

“It sets out the new case for Independence in a World which has changed dramatically since 2014.

“We are seeing a revival of town hall meetings, just as we did during the Independence referendum itself in 2014. 

“People are hungry for change through Independence and want to see real action to achieve it.

“Meetings such as these are the perfect opportunity to kick start the debate.”

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