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Knife-Edge Election Means That Every Vote Crucial

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First Minister and SNP Leader John Swinney will use his eve of poll speech to urge people across the country to vote for a vision of hope for a better future.
Speaking on Wednesday evening, the First Minister will say that while the result in England is a foregone conclusion, the election in Scotland is on a knife-edge, with a contest of competing ideas and values.
John Swinney is expected to say:
“We all know that the result of the General Election in England is a foregone conclusion. 

“Labour will win and Keir Starmer will be Prime Minister.
“The only story left in this election is here in Scotland, where seats across the country are on a knife-edge.
“And the election in Scotland is the only place where there are genuine, competing visions of the future at stake – a real contest of ideas and values.
“Labour are offering Scotland more of the same and picking up where the Tories left off.
“More cuts, opening the door to privatisation of the NHS, Brexit and capping child benefits but not bankers’ bonuses.
“The SNP is offering Scotland a different vision. 

“A vision of hope for a better future.
“Ending austerity, supporting our NHS, rejoining the EU, tackling the cost of living crisis and a future made in Scotland, for Scotland, with independence.
“That vision of hope stands in stark contrast to the future of austerity and despair on offer from Labour.
“We don’t have to accept that bleak future offered by Westminster. 

“Things can be better than this.  

“Scotland can do better than this.
“Only the SNP offers Scotland the hope of a better future.

“But we have to vote for it.”
Mr Swinney is also expected to say:
“There are seats that could be decided by only a handful of votes. 

“So be certain about one thing – your vote will matter. 

“It could make all the difference.
“Tomorrow the power is in Scotland’s hands – let’s use it to put Scotland’s interests first.”

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