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Monday, August 8, 2022

Local Councillor Comments on RAF Lossiemouth Covid Tests

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Amy Taylor (pictured), SNP Councillor for the Heldon & Laich Ward in Moray, which includes RAF Lossiemouth, has responded to reports of two contractors being isolated due to positive Covid testing.

Cllr Taylor said:

“The community has been extremely anxious about the ongoing construction work at RAF Lossiemouth due to the need for contractor employees travelling considerable distances into Moray throughout the lockdown period.

“The UK Government has persisted in pressing ahead with this work despite the heightened risk to both permanent personnel and staff at the base and to the wider Lossiemouth Community of contractors travelling long distances, often from areas with much higher rates of Covid-19 than the Moray area.

“The positive tests that have come back for two contractor’s personnel are antibody tests and that may well mean that the subsequent Covid-19 tests come back OK but it highlights the concerns of the community and the need for the MoD to take heed and take action.

“They need to provide reassurance to their own employees on the base, the local civilians working there and the people of Lossiemouth.

“The shared living arrangements for contractors is a particular concern for the community and needs to be much better dealt with by the MoD.”

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