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Migration is Biggest Challenge to Scotland’s Economy

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Deputy First Minister Kate Forbes has warned that Westminster’s approach to migration is the “biggest challenge” to Scotland’s economic growth, and urged the next UK government to commit to real and meaningful action on Scotland’s unique migration challenges. 

Scottish Financial Enterprise has called for Westminster to “explore mechanisms to address the specific workforce needs of the Scottish economy through the immigration system.” 

Ahead of joining a special episode of the Holyrood Sources podcast, Kate Forbes has said proposals for a system which meets Scotland’s economic needs are long overdue and it is now crucial for the Westminster parties to commit to this simple ask. 

Deputy First Minister Kate Forbes said:

“Migration is possibly the biggest challenge facing Scotland’s economy right now – and it is unforgivable that every Westminster party is completely ignoring Scotland’s specific needs as they fight for ring wing voters in England. 

“UK migration policies are actively harming Scotland’s econmic growth and prosperity, and a tailored migration system suited to Scotland’s specific circumstances is long overdue.

“The success of Scotland’s industries is reliant on migration – whether it be the energy sector, farming, fishing or tourism – yet every effort that has been made by the Scottish Government to find solutions has been dismissed by Westminster. 

“As the anti-migration rhetoric ramps up from the Tories and Labour, the SNP is the only party that will demand meaningful action from the next UK government to meet Scotland’s economic needs and boost our public services. 

“On 4th July, vote to put Scotland’s interest first and help secure a future made in Scotland for Scotland.”

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