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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

One-Third of Scottish Households Will Have Universal Credit Slashed by 20%

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One-third of households in Scotland receiving Universal Credit will have their income slashed by 20% when the callous Tory cut goes ahead on Wednesday, according to new Scottish Government figures.

The average household reduction will be 12%, and some households will see the amount of Universal Credit they are entitled to reduce to £0.

Around 480,000 people in Scotland are set to have their support cut by plans to cut support by £20 per week.

The number of households in Scotland affected by the benefit cap has also increased from 6,100 to 6,800, with the average amount capped per month equalling £218.

Commenting, SNP MSP and convener of the social security committee Neil Gray (pictured) said:

“These numbers demonstrate the devastating impact the callous Tory plans to cut Universal Credit are as thousands of families across Scotland are due to have their incomes slashed with one stroke of the Chancellor’s pen.

“The decision to cut Universal Credit is morally indefensible.

“It is going to push thousands of people into poverty.

“It is going to leave many parents unable to feed their children.

“In fact, the plans to cut Universal Credit has led to the unusual move of all the First Ministers of the devolved nations joining together to urge the Prime Minister to reverse the cut – that demonstrates the gravity and seriousness of the situation we face.

“In just days thousands of families will face an incredible squeeze on their incomes.

“Coupled with rising energy prices and food bills, and imminent National Insurance hike, many low-income families will have to make the unthinkable decision of whether to heat their homes or feed their children.

“In Scotland, we can choose a better path and build a social security system that is built for the people of Scotland, not against them.

“We can do that with the full powers that an independent Scotland would bring and allow us to build a fairer society.”

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