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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Resigning Ministers Should Hand Back £400,000 of Redundancy Pay

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The Liberal Democrats have called on Boris Johnson and other resigning ministers to forgo the over £420,000 of redundancy payments due to be handed out following the Prime Minister’s resignation. 

Under the Ministerial and Other Pensions and Salaries Act 1991, those resigning from office are entitled to 25% of the annual salaries they were paid when holding that office. 

Analysis by the Liberal Democrats shows that this will lead to a total bill to the taxpayer of £423,000.

This includes an expected taxpayer handout to Boris Johnson of £18,860.

Michelle Donelan, who spent just one full day in the role of Education Secretary, will be entitled to a redundancy payment of almost £17,000.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Chief Whip Wendy Chamberlain MP said: 

“Conservative MPs spent months defending Boris Johnson and failed to get rid of him when they had the chance.

“The public won’t forgive them for keeping him in place for so long.

“Now Conservative infighting and sheer incompetence has cost the taxpayer yet more money during this cost of living crisis.

“Conservative ministers who resigned should do the decent thing and pass up their payoffs for the good of the country.”

NamePositionClaimed Salary Redundancy Payment
Boris JohnsonPrime Minister £75,440£18,860
Sajid JavidSecretary of State£67,505£16,876
Rishi SunakChancellor£67,505£16,876
Simon HartSec of State£67,505£16,876
Brandon LewisSec of State£67,505£16,876
Michael GoveSec of State£67,505£16,876
Michelle DonelanSec of State£67,505£16,876
Victoria AdkinsMinister of State£31,680£7,920
Jo ChurchillMinister of State £31,680£7,920
Stuart AndrewMinister of State£31,680£7,920
Kemi BadenochMinister of State£31,680£7,920
Alex Burghart Minister of State £31,680£7,920
Julia LopezMinister of State£31,680£7,920
Neil O’BrienMinister of State£31,680£7,920
Lee RowleyMinister of State £31,680£7,920
Mims DaviesMinister of State£31,680£7,920
Rachel MacleanMinister of State£31,680£7,920
Mike FreerMinister of State £31,680£7,920
Ed ArgarMinister of State£31,680£7,920
Damian HundsMinister of State£31,680£7,920
Helen WhatelyMinister of State £31,680£7,920
George FreemanMinister of State£31,680£7,920
Guy OppermanMinister of State£31,680£7,920
Chris PhilpMinister of State £31,680£7,920
James CartlidgeMinister of State£31,680£7,920
Will Quince Minister of State£31,680£7,920
Robin WalkerMinister of State £31,680£7,920
John GlenMinister of State£31,680£7,920
Alex ChalkSolicitor General£57,962£14,491
Jonathan Gullis PPS£22,375£5,594
Virginia Crosbie PPS£22,375£5,594
Saqib Bhattie PPS£22,375£5,594
Nicola Richards PPS£22,375£5,594
Claire CoutinhoPPS£22,375£5,594
David JohnstonPPS£22,375£5,594
Selaine SaxbyPPS£22,375£5,594
Mark LoganPPS£22,375£5,594
Craig WilliamsPPS£22,375£5,594
Duncan BakerPPS£22,375£5,594
Mark FletcherPPS£22,375£5,594
Sara BritcliffePPS£22,375£5,594
Laura TrottPPS£22,375£5,594
Felicity BuchanPPS£22,375£5,594
Ruth EdwardsPPS£22,375£5,594
Peter GibsonPPS£22,375£5,594
James SunderlandPPS£22,375£5,594
Jacob YoungPPS£22,375£5,594
James DalyPPS£22,375£5,594
Danny KrugerPPS£22,375£5,594
James DaviesPPS£22,375£5,594
Gareth DaviesPPS£22,375£5,594
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