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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Ross Slams Banks Once More for Utter Contempt Towards Loyal Customers

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Moray MP Douglas Ross has once again slammed bank branches for showing “utter contempt” towards loyal customers in his constituency. 

Douglas made the remarks in a Westminster Hall statement, which was focused on the Scottish Affairs Committee’s recent report into Access to Cash in Scotland.  

Douglas is a member of the committee and previously challenged bank bosses over their “shameful” lack of engagement with customers, particularly in Forres where the last bank branch has now closed as of this week. 

He used his time responding to the statement to describe banks as “morally bankrupt” and once again highlighted banks bosses complete refusal to come to Forres. 

Douglas also sought agreement from the Committee’s chair Pete Wishart that there should be greater opportunities for “banking hubs” in towns the size of Forres, which he is continuing to campaign for. 

In response, Pete Wishart agreed that banks have failed to properly explain the reasons behind the closures. 

Douglas says he continues to share the anger among his constituents in Forres and will fight bank branch closures across Moray. 

Moray MP Douglas Ross said: 

“I was pleased to play a part in this crucial report into how customers access cash across Scotland.

“The issue is one of the utmost importance in people and businesses across Moray. 

“Just this week we have seen the sad state of the last branch closing in Forres.

“That is yet another example of the moral bankruptcy at the heart of our banking companies and the complete contempt they show towards loyal customers. 

“The Bank of Scotland’s attitude towards this closure was rotten from the start.

“They repeatedly refused to come to Forres to meet with customers where they would have had nowhere to hide.  

“That is because they know they have abandoned elderly and vulnerable customers and their case for closure does not add up.

“Everyone knows banking is evolving, but with many communities still poorly connected in Moray, online banking simply isn’t an option for many of these customers. 

“Bank bosses care little for those concerns though and pull the rug from under customers who have stuck by them. 

“It is a disgraceful way to treat those who expect that service to still be available on our high streets. 

“Towns the size of Forres should not be left without banking services, which is why I used this statement to once again call for banking hubs to be explored. 

“Working together could ensure that even in the absence of branch, a banking hub could be set up to reassure customers that they will still be able to access and deposit cash in their own communities. 

“I will continue to fight any further reduction of banking services across Moray, where it is vital branches are easy to access for customers on their own doorstep, as well as pushing for banking hubs to be set up.” 

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