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Ross welcomes BT Pledge to Ensure Capacity Meets Demand at Vital Time


Moray MP Douglas Ross (pictured) has welcomed a commitment by BT to ensure good connectivity for all at a time when the whole country is even more reliant on technology during the Coronavirus lockdown period.

Douglas said:

“One of the issues that is consistently raised by local people is poor connectivity, but now more than ever this is an urgent issue.

“People are relying on their computers and devices to stay connected with family and friends and to work from home, in line with the Government advice.

“BT have written to me to confirm that residents and businesses in Moray can now also benefit from the new legislation which enable local people to request an adequate and affordable broadband service under the new Universal Service Obligation (USO) for Broadband.

“This means that at least a 10 Mbps Download speed and 1 Mbps upload, with BT designating Ofcom to deliver this service.

“I’m hopeful the roll-out will happen quickly, although BT, like other businesses at the moment are facing pressures including staff shortages which will also affect Openreach’s capacity to survey eligible premises as engineers prioritise the maintenance of critical services and vulnerable customers, with resources become increasingly stretched.

“However, people across Moray can undertake an initial check on their eligibility to find out if there are existing BT services already available to them and then place an order, which should help the majority of people.

“I will continue to work with BT regarding this important service which will help people stay connected especially in rural areas, where this could make a significant difference to them.”

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