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Scotland’s Future Must be Scotland’s Choice


Addressing SNP activists at a rally in Johnstone alongside SNP candidate for Paisley & Renfrewshire South Mhairi Black, SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon said:

“On December 12th, there is a fundamental question facing people right across Scotland – who decides Scotland’s future?

“Should it be Boris Johnson, and a Tory government that we didn’t vote for?

“Or should Scotland’s future be decided by the people who live here?

“Whatever your views on independence, surely we should all agree that Scotland’s future must be Scotland’s choice.

“It’s not up to Boris Johnson.

“It’s not up to Jeremy Corbyn.

“It’s not even up to me.

‘The decision on Scotland’s future is for you – and every single person in Scotland.

“For all the bluster from Westminster politicians, the reality is that everyone knows a fresh independence referendum is coming.

“And when the people of Scotland are next given a choice over their future, I am confident they will choose a better future with independence.

“Despite the mess of Brexit and the broken Westminster system, I am optimistic about Scotland’s future.

“All of us should be.

“We know that Scotland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

“We know that when we become independent, we’ll do it from the starting point of having human and natural resources that most countries can only dream of.

“So, once we escape from Brexit, we’ll be able to make different – and better – choices about our future.

“While the Tories drag the UK down a path of isolation from Europe, while they rip up workers’ rights and environmental protections in a desperate bid to get a trade deal with Donald Trump – we can choose a different path.

“We can be an outward-looking nation.

“We can be a bridge between the UK and the EU.

“To coin a phrase, some people might call that ‘the best of both worlds’.

“We can invest in our public services, such as our NHS – and protect them from post-Brexit trade deals.

“All of this starts with a strong SNP result on December 12th.

“We must escape the disaster of Brexit, and embrace the opportunity to choose our own future – a better future.

“If Scotland’s future is not in our hands, then we won’t be the country that we want to be.

“Don’t wake up the morning after the election and wish you’d voted for change.

“On December 12th, vote SNP to escape from Brexit and let Scotland choose a better future.”

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