Tories Freeport Manifesto Hypocrisy Criticised By The SNP

The SNP has slammed a Scottish Conservative manifesto pledge which claims to support freeports across Scotland – despite the UK government dragging their heels over the Scottish Government’s greenport proposal.

SNP candidate Ivan McKee (pictured) has criticised the Tories for failing to support the initiative while trying to make political capital out of it.

The SNP Scottish Governments greenport proposals created widespread interest from stakeholders who backed the focus on high standards, workers’ rights and green industries in addition to the trade and investment benefits they would bring.

However, due to the Tories refusal to agree to the implementation, Scotland’s ports now find themselves months behind their English counterparts putting Scottish businesses at a competitive disadvantage on top of the damage being created by Brexit.

Commenting, the candidate for Glasgow Provan said:

“The Tories have dragged their heels on this, holding back the success of Scottish ports and undermining workers protections.

“The Scottish Governments proposal is fair, sustainable and will add value to Scottish goods, services and the country’s brand.

“Our document was ready to launch at the beginning of March, and was even published on the Scottish Governments website, but because this initiative requires both Governments to sign up, the delay by the Tories is damaging Scottish businesses.

“The Tories hypocrisy on this issue is clear for all to see. Instead of working with the Scottish Government to benefit Scotland’s economy, they have delayed and prevaricated.

“It’s clear that Scotland faces a choice of two futures – more failure under a broken Westminster system, or the opportunity to build a fairer, wealthier and greener future as an independent country in a post-pandemic referendum.

“The issue at the election will be this: who has the right to decide Scotland’s future after the pandemic – people in Scotland or Boris Johnson?

“Only both votes SNP on 6 May can put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.”