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US Tariff Threat to Highlands and Islands Businesses

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Tories shouldn’t cosy up to Trump.

Highlands & Islands MSP, Maree Todd (pictured), joined SNP colleagues yesterday in voting to condemn the recent imposition of US tariffs on a range of Scottish goods.

The tariffs will adversely impact goods produced in the Highlands & Islands such as whisky, shortbread, woollen and cashmere products.

Maree Todd said that these tariffs “disproportionately” affected Scottish produce and that smaller producers in the Highlands & Islands would be hit hardest.

The Scottish Government has warned that a No Deal Brexit could cause a significant economic shock which would tip the Scottish economy into recession, with the CBI estimating that it could cost Scotland £14 billion per year by 2034.

Ms Todd said that the escalating trade war with the US showed any form of Brexit would be hugely detrimental to the Scottish economy.

She said:

“The imposition of these tariffs by Donald Trump has caused a great deal of disruption and uncertainty for Highland & Islands businesses. 

“The likes of whisky distilleries such as Glenmorangie and Tomatin are nothing short of iconic. 

“Our local produce is the subject of international envy and admiration; it is pivotal to the prosperity of our local economy.

“It beggars’ belief that the Tories want to cosy up with Trump for a post-Brexit trade deal when he has shown he can’t be trusted.

“We must escape Brexit so that Scotland is not dragged into a race-to-the-bottom trade deal between Trump and an increasingly desperate Tory administration – cut adrift from our strongest voice on the international stage.

“This is not the future I want for Scotland. 

“Only a vote for the SNP will put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.”

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