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Monday, August 15, 2022

World Aids Day – UK Government Must Ringfence HIV/AIDS Funding

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On World AIDS Day, the SNP has demanded that the Tory government ensure its shameful decision to break its manifesto commitment and cut the aid budget will not impact on UK funding for worldwide AIDS and HIV support.

The SNP’s International Development spokesperson, Chris Law MP (pictured), has called on Dominic Raab to set out in detail specifically what support will be affected by the decision to slash the aid budget, and rule out cutting funding for HIV and AIDS treatment.

The call comes after SNP members backed a motion yesterday, which condemned the UK government’s decision to drop the aid budget to 0.5%.

Commenting, Chris Law MP said:

“The UK government’s shocking decision to break a manifesto commitment and cut the aid budget in the middle of the current crisis will have devastating consequences.

“On World AIDS Day, I am urging the Foreign Secretary to ensure these cuts will not hinder the UK’s funding for crucial AIDS and HIV treatment as we continue to battle this other deadly pandemic.

“It is shameful and ultimately inevitable that aid cuts will punish the world’s most vulnerable.

“It speaks volumes that the Tories either do not recognise or are ignoring the fact that it is in the UK’s self-interest to continue aid funding to ensure we do not have future flash points for the pandemic or that we roll back on progress made in tackling humanitarian crises, such as AIDS, isn’t reversed.

“Life-saving programmes should not be slashed at any time, but they are more important than ever in the middle of a global health pandemic.

“I hope Dominic Raab will heed the SNP’s call and immediately commit to ring-fencing vital funding for HIV and AIDS.”

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