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Advice on Funerals in Phase 2


The Scottish Government have issued guidance on funeral services in places of worship.

From today, Monday, 22 June, places of worship in Scotland are allowed to reopen for individual prayer or contemplation, subject to physical distancing and hygiene safeguards.

However, restrictions on those attending funeral services are still limited to only household members of the person who has died and close family.

Where no household members or close family are attending, those who are a friend of the person who has died can attend, in accordance with the legislation in Scotland on Coronavirus.

In-person attendance to a funeral should be kept to the minimum number of people possible.

The updated guidance on funeral services in places of worship also advises on measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and communities.

In line with Scottish Government guidance, the large Chapel at Inverness Crematorium capacity is still restricted to no more than 25 attendees and the Council still encourage bereaved families to limit immediate family members attending to as low a number as possible.

Highland Council’s Environmental Health Manager, Alan Yates said:

“The restrictions on funerals have been difficult for families and friends of the bereaved and it is good to note that these may be removed when Scotland moves into Phase 3 of the Scottish Government’s routemap.

“The guidance helps to emphasise the need for current restrictions to be maintained in Phase 2 to control the spread of Covid-19.

“I thank everyone for following the guidance during the difficult time of a bereavement.”

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