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Friday, February 3, 2023

Aldi Scotland Avoids a Soggy Bottom With Dunkability Challenge

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The act of dunking a biscuit in a cup of tea is a proud tradition, with research from McVitie’s finding that 71% of people admit to doing the dunk when enjoying a warm cuppa.

But as National Tea Day approaches (21st of April), Aldi Scotland has set out to uncover what happens when the mighty shortbread is plunged into a milky tea and reveals the products with the best ‘dunkability’.

To help its customers create the perfect tea and biscuit ritual, Aldi Scotland has put its most popular Specially Selected All Butter Shortbread products to the test in the supermarket’s first ‘Dunkability Challenge’.

Rated on its shape, taste, and its crunch vs crumble qualities, tea lovers can use the below review system to find their perfect Aldi Scotland biccy to complement their cuppa, all for under £2.

Specially Selected Orkney Caramel Shortbreads (£1.69, 5 pack)              

Aldi Scotland’s Specially Selected Orkney Caramel Shortbreads, winners at the 2021 Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards, are once again topping the competition by scoring a perfect 5/5 in the dunkability scale.


The deliciously dunkable Orkney Caramel Shortbreads are two perfectly formed pieces of utterly-buttery shortbread sealed together with a golden caramel centre making them easy to hold for dipping down to the last bite.


These irresistibly buttery shortbreads are double-drizzled in Belgian chocolate and golden caramel.

When dunked into warm tea, the caramel centre will become deliciously gooey, melting in your mouth.

Made from a traditional family recipe, using the finest ingredients including Orkney butter, the Orkney Caramel Shortbread’s are truly indulgent at a wallet-pleasing £1.69.

Crunch vs Crumble

With a perfect balance of crunch and crumble, these chunky treats are the upper crust on the ‘Dunkability’ scale.

Fully immerse in your cuppa for a gooey mouthful, or delicately dip for that satisfying snap.


A more modern take on the traditional Scottish shortbread, these double layered biscuits have earned their place in cupboards across the country and are guaranteed to add a certain luxury to any tea-break.

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