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Friday, December 2, 2022

Boris Johnson Has Totally Isolated The UK on World Stage

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Boris Johnson’s “increasingly insular” policies have “totally isolated” the UK on the world stage, the SNP’s Westminster leader has warned.

Ian Blackford cited Johnson’s hostile approach to Brexit with EU leaders, his continued disdain and disregard for the democratic decisions of the devolved governments, and his move to align himself with the narrow-minded policies of Donald Trump, as clear signs of the UK’s diminished standing both at home and abroad.

Reports in the Sunday Times cited a Democratic source who stated that they “do not think Boris Johnson is an ally.”

They added that “they think Britain is an ally.

“But there will be no special relationship with Boris Johnson.”

Making matters worse for Johnson, a senior US politician touted for a job in the Biden administration reportedly commented that “If you think Joe hates him, you should hear Kamala.”

Prior to Joe Biden’s election, SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford challenged Johnson at PMQs to condemn Trump’s baseless claims of “major fraud” in the US elections – the Prime Minister refused.

On Sophy Ridge on Sunday, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab repeatedly refused to say whether all votes should be counted in a democratic election – echoing a similar refusal from the Prime Minister’s spokesperson earlier this week.

There are also reports of growing concern around Whitehall that Biden will likely reach out to Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron first, rather than Boris Johnson – in yet another sign of the UK’s diminishing global standing.

Meanwhile on Brexit, the EU’s lead negotiator criticised the UK’s attempts to run down the clock, and EU sources cited UK “brinkmanship” as being a “recipe for disaster.”

Commenting, the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford MP said:

“Boris Johnson’s increasingly insular policies both at home and abroad have totally isolated the UK, and severely harmed its ability to lead on key global issues from climate change, conflict resolution, poverty and inequality.

“The Tory leader’s refusal to condemn Donald Trump’s false claims of fraud in the US election, or Dominic Raab’s repeated refusal to say that every vote should be counted, speaks volumes.

“Boris Johnson’s decision over the years to align himself so closely with Trump’s narrow and toxic policies has solidified his reputation as ‘Britain Trump.’

“Here in the UK, Boris Johnson’s government – which Scotland did not vote for – has shown utter disdain and disregard towards the devolved governments.

“From Brexit, its power grab Internal Market Bill, and refusal to devolve crucial powers, the Westminster Tory government has trashed any notion of a union of equals.

“The Tory Prime Minister’s hostile Brexit approach and attempts to run down the clock has damaged cooperation and goodwill with our EU partners, harmed business confidence, and hit the economy.

“Boris Johnson’s attempts to copy tactics straight out of the Trump playbook at home and abroad have left him out in the cold – just like his ‘friend’ across the Atlantic.

“It’s clear beyond any doubt that Westminster is simply not working for Scotland.

“Our vision for an outward-looking, progressive, and fair society has been held back by years of regressive Westminster policies.

“The only way to secure Scotland’s future and promote our interests is by becoming an independent country, playing our part on key global challenges.”

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