Ian Blackford MP

Boris Johnson is Putting Scotland’s Recovery at Risk

The SNP has said Boris Johnson is “putting Scotland’s recovery at risk” by failing to provide the funding and powers needed to secure an investment-led recovery.

Ian Blackford (pictured) said the damp squib announcement was a “failure of ambition” that “completely ignores Scotland’s needs” – calling for the Prime Minister to match the ambition of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s proposals for at least £80billion of investment and a proper jobs guarantee for young people.

The SNP Westminster Leader also repeated calls for financial powers to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament – warning Scotland’s recovery would be put at risk without them.

Commenting, Ian Blackford MP said:

“The Tories are putting Scotland’s recovery at risk.

“Yet again, Boris Johnson has fallen woefully short on his promises with this failure of ambition that completely ignores Scotland’s needs.

“This recycled money falls far short of the huge investment that the UK requires to secure a strong recovery and it pales in comparison to the bold action being taken in other countries.

“The pandemic has caused an unprecedented economic crisis – and that must be met with an unprecedented response, in line with that announced by other nations like Germany.

“The Prime Minister needs to go back to the drawing board and return with another relaunch speech to announce an emergency budget, a meaningful package of at least £80billion in investment, and to devolve the financial powers that the Scottish Parliament needs to secure a strong recovery for Scotland.

“These powers are essential.

“Without them Scotland will be left tackling this crisis with one hand tied behind its back – threatening our recovery and resulting in budget cuts and prolonged damage to our economy.

“Scotland can make different choices to strengthen our economy and build a fairer society – but only if we have the powers and funds needed for an investment-led recovery.

“With the normal powers of an independent country, Scotland would be able to make the most of historically low interest rates to boost the economy – just as other countries are doing.

“The Tory government must match the ambition of Nicola Sturgeon’s proposals for at least £80billion UK-wide in investment, a proper jobs guarantee for young people, and the devolution of powers – or Westminster will be failing Scotland again at this critical time.”