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Monday, August 8, 2022

Broadcasters Should Commit to TV Ban for European Super League

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Jamie Stone MP (pictured), Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport is calling on broadcasters BBC, Sky and Amazon to reject the European Super League proposals by committing to not televising its games.

BT Sport and DAZN have publicly denounced the proposals and distanced themselves from broadcasting Super League matches.

The Liberal Democrat MP has now written to BBC, Sky and Amazon urging them to do the same.

In letters sent to the Head of Sport at Sky, Amazon, and the BBC, Mr Stone emphasised the importance of football to local communities and the duty of broadcasters to protect “the very essence of football”.

Jamie adds

“The proposals of a European Super League threaten the very essence of football.” he asks that the broadcasters commit to “never broadcast any games should the league come to fruition.”

Following comments from the Secretary of State for Media and Sport, Oliver Dowden MP, that the Conservative Government will launch its fan led review, Mr Stone has called on the Minister to meet with broadcasters and to devise a joint strategy to halt the realisation of a European Super League.

After writing to the UK’s major sports broadcasters, Jamie Stone said:

“For many years now, we have seen Premier League football evolve into a money-making machine that places greed above fans and the communities they represent.

“The Super League proposals are the most extreme example of oligarchs and tycoons robbing fans of the game we love.

“I suspect that if these plans go ahead, fans will boycott European Super League games.

“The final vestige of engagement with these damaging proposals is therefore broadcast media.

“Broadcasters must choose between fans and monetary greed.

“I am confident that if the media, government, and most importantly football fans come together, we can stop this nonsense.

“Mr Dowden’s commitment to launching a fan-led review has come about two years too late.

“The 2019 Conservative manifesto promised a fan-led review of football – had the Tories kept their promise in good time, we could have avoided this calamity entirely.

“I want to see an independent regulator established with some real teeth – enough to take on the billionaire owners and put power back into the hands of fans.”

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