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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

COVID-19 and The Metric Menace

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By: John Eoin Douglas.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the UK Government cares little for the health and welfare of its older citizens and visitors from the USA.

Its advice on safe distances from others during the current COVID-19 epidemic is quoted only in metric units which do not sit naturally with many of us.

At first reading, 2m to me is 2 miles which is impractical for all than the most rural dweller and, even when I get past that initial misunderstanding, I find it difficult to conceptualise what 2 metres actually means.

This follows on from this winter’s irresponsible total abandonment of Imperial measures by BBC meteorologists even in forecasts of the most serious weather conditions!

I wonder how many deaths could be avoided if both systems of measurement were shown due respect?

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