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Friday, January 27, 2023

Cummings Has Already Done Irreparable Damage to Tories and UK

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Boris Johnson (pictured) seen as incompetent, untrustworthy and out of touch.

The SNP has said Boris Johnson’s partnership with Dominic Cummings has “caused lasting harm to the UK, and irreparable damage to the Tory government” – amid reports the Prime Minister’s most senior adviser is preparing to leave Downing Street at Christmas.

Kirsten Oswald MP said the Prime Minister “completely alienated Scotland” by bringing the Vote Leave Brexit campaign to the heart of the UK government, and trashed his reputation even further by refusing to suspend Mr Cummings after he broke lockdown rules.

Polls published in the aftermath of the Cummings scandal saw the Prime Minister’s net approval rating fall to minus 5 (Opinium), with people viewing the Tories as ‘incompetent’ (43%, +16), ‘out of touch’ (48%, +11), ‘Untrustworthy’ (47%, +11) and ‘serving their own interests’ (48%, +12) (YouGov).

Separately, a poll published by YouGov yesterday (Thursday) found 74% of Scots think Boris Johnson is doing badly as Prime Minister.

It was the fourteenth poll in a row to show majority support for independence in Scotland.

Commenting, SNP Westminster Deputy Leader Kirsten Oswald MP said:

“Boris Johnson’s partnership with Dominic Cummings has caused lasting harm to the UK, and irreparable damage to the Tory government – regardless of whether he finally resigns amid the Downing Street civil war.

“The Tory Prime Minister has always been deeply unpopular in Scotland – but his decision to bring the Vote Leave campaign to the heart of the UK government, and impose an extreme Brexit against our will, has completely alienated Scotland.

“The Tory government has never recovered from the reckless decision to cling on to Mr Cummings when he broke lockdown rules.

“By refusing to suspend him, the Prime Minister did serious damage to public trust – and cemented his government’s reputation as arrogant, incompetent, untrustworthy, and utterly self-serving.

“The fact that senior members of the Tory government are squabbling and fighting among themselves over their highly-paid, taxpayer-funded jobs, in the middle of a health and economic crisis, tells you everything you need to know about their twisted priorities.

“Scotland now faces the prospect of an extreme Brexit, a Westminster power grab, and a growing Tory unemployment crisis.

“It is clearer than ever, that the only way to properly protect Scotland’s interests is to become an independent country.”

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