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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Damning Report Should End Johnson Premiership

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The damning Sue Gray report into the behaviour of the Prime Minister and those in number ten throughout the coronavirus pandemic should bring an end to his premiership, Scottish Greens MSP Gillian Mackay said today.

The long awaited report, published today, reveals a culture of law breaking at the heart of government during the public health emergency, beyond a scale many would have imagined.

Among its conclusion, Gray states, ‘The senior leadership at the centre, both political and official, must bear responsibility for this culture.’

At a time when the public were subject to the most significant restrictions on their liberty, including restrictions on attending funerals and visiting dying loved ones, this report lays out in substantial detail the contempt with which the UK Government had for all those dutifully following the rules.

Gillian Mackay MSP said:

“This report is damning and lays bare the utter contempt the Prime Minister has for the general public.

“At a time when people across the UK were making unbelievable sacrifices, Boris Johnson and his entourage were living it up, breaking the rules, and laughing about it, time after time.

“For those of us who lost a loved one during the pandemic this is no laughing matter.

“The Prime Minister’s behaviour is bad enough on its own.

“But, his constant and repeated lying, to parliament and the public, cannot be tolerated.

“Boris Johnson must be held to account for this appalling behaviour.

“He can no longer remain in post.

“If Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross wishes to salvage any remnant of self-respect, he must end his pathetic equivocation and resubmit his letter calling for Johnson to go.

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