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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Delivery Restrictions Relaxed in Response to Coronavirus

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Local authorities are being encouraged to relax planning restrictions around delivery times and store opening hours to ensure supermarkets and other retailers are able to maintain stock levels during the current coronavirus outbreak.

Local Government Minister Kevin Stewart and the Scottish Government’s Chief Planner have jointly written to all planning authorities to encourage officials to relax planning restrictions while taking into account the needs and concerns of the wider community.

Authorities have also been encouraged to exercise discretion in considering enforcement action against any breaches of planning conditions restricting delivery and opening times.

Relaxing these restrictions will help to minimise potential disturbance to the local community and help ensure that increased demand for essential items can be met at a local level.

Mr Stewart said:

“We are aware that some retailers are subject to strict local restrictions on delivery and store opening times to minimise potential disturbance to the local community.

“With increased demand for essential items, we have written to all local authorities to encourage them to work with stakeholders to ensure that supermarkets and other retailers in Scotland are able to meet increased local demand for essential items.”

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