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Drew Hendry MP Extends Support to Scottish Fishermen’s Federation

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Drew Hendry, the SNP candidate for Inverness, Skye and West Ross-shire, has announced his backing for the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) in their efforts to protect and promote Scotland’s vital fishing industry.

The SFF, established in 1973, is the country’s largest fishing industry body, representing and advocating for the interests of Scottish fishermen.

As part of their 2024 General Election campaign, SFF representatives will be visiting constituencies where fishing plays a crucial role in the local economy and community.

Mr. Hendry met with SFF members at Mallaig Harbour on Friday, June 28th, demonstrating his commitment to the fishing sector by signing SFF’s election pledge.

The pledge emphasises five key areas: improving the UK’s position as an independent coastal state, promoting sustainable fishing practices, supporting fishing businesses in finding necessary workforce, and using scientific evidence to strike a balance between conservation and fishing activities.

Drew Hendry said:

“I am proud to support the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation and the communities that depend on fishing across Scotland.

“It is essential to protect our valuable fishing resources and ensure the sustainable growth of our coastal communities.”

Mr. Hendry’s endorsement of the SFF pledge aligns with his dedication to championing the needs of his constituents and the broader Scottish fishing industry.

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