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Foreign Office Measures Welcomed to Bring Back Stranded Local Citizens

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Drew Hendry MP (pictured) has welcomed the UK government’s measures to repatriate Highland residents who have been stranded abroad due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Tens of thousands of UK travellers who are stranded abroad will be flown home as part of a £75 million rescue plan help passengers get home on special charter flights.

In response to the announcement, Mr Hendry said:

“I welcome the UK government’s announced package of support to repatriate our local residents who have been stranded abroad, both near and far, due to circumstances out with their control.

“I have been pressing the Foreign Office to do all that it can to help the numerous individuals from my own constituency who are stuck abroad in challenging circumstances. These have been difficult and worrying times for the families involved.

“Many my own constituents are stranded in mainland Europe, but also in countries much further afield such as New Zealand, Peru and Jordan.

“It has been a terrible ordeal for them, with many of them left destitute because of added costs incurred and in lockdown far from home.

“And while the Government’s announcement should have come much sooner, this £75m package is a very welcome step which will give my constituents some much needed peace of mind.

“Thus far, the FCO has only been able to organise a limited number of flights from limited routes – leaving many vulnerable people trapped without access to information, access to healthcare or accommodation, and under increased financial strain – we really need things to move at pace now to get folk home.

“I will continue to work with the FCO to ensure my constituents receive the support and travel arrangements necessary so that they and their families are able to return swiftly and safely to their loved ones – and to ensure that no one is left behind.

“Anyone worried about a loved one stuck abroad, should contact the FCO office or get in touch with me and I will do my best to help.”

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