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Frankenfood Threat to Scotland as USA Demands Lower Food Standards

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Fears grow over Tory Trump trade deal hit to Scottish food industry.

The SNP has renewed calls on the Tory government to enshrine protections against lower standard food imports in law – after the US ramped up pressure over its trade deal demands.

Dave Doogan MP (pictured) has warned that Scotland’s thriving food and drink industry is under threat from a Tory-Trump ‘Frankenfood’ trade deal, following comments by US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer that “on areas of American agriculture, the United States, this administration, is not going to compromise.

“We either have fair access for agriculture or we won’t have a deal.”

The SNP Agriculture and Rural Affairs spokesperson said the Tory government must put into law its previous commitments to prevent chlorine chicken, hormone beef and other lower standard imports from flooding the Scottish and UK markets.

The SNP has tabled amendments to the UK Trade Bill which would protect standards on imported goods and give devolved administrations the right to reject trade deals.

Scottish Tory MPs were widely condemned for voting against similar amendments to the Agriculture Bill.

Research by Which? has revealed that 72% of people do not want products such as chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-fed beef to be allowed on sale in the UK at all.

Commenting, SNP Agriculture and Rural Affairs spokesperson Dave Doogan MP said:

“The threat to Scotland’s thriving food and drink industry from a Tory-Trump trade deal is growing by the day – as the US ramps up its demands to flood the UK market with lower standard imports.

“It’s clear the Tory government cannot be trusted to keep their promises to Scottish farmers, producers and consumers – the only way to guarantee protections is to enshrine them in law.

“The overwhelming majority of people do not want to see chlorine chicken, ractopamine pork, hormone-injected beef and other Frankenfood imports putting food safety and animal welfare at risk – and undermining the success of Scotland’s world-class food and drink industry.

“Yet again, Scotland’s interests are being damaged by the Tories’ Brexit obsession. Scotland’s devolution settlement is being ripped up, and the interests of Scottish farmers and producers are being sacrificed, so that Boris Johnson can satisfy Donald Trump.

“Agriculture is entirely devolved to the Scottish Parliament – and any attempt to impose these lower standards on Scotland would be an undemocratic power grab.

“It is shameful that Scottish Tory MPs have repeatedly voted against protections – selling their constituents out.

“The Tories must think again on their ‘race to the bottom’ plans – and accept the SNP amendments to the UK Trade bill to ensure Scotland’s food and drink industry is protected.”

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