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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Free Prescriptions Save Scots Over £173 a Year

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Tories announce prescription charge price hike.

People in Scotland are saving on average over £173 a year on their prescriptions compared to patients in England, according to new analysis.

The figures from the Scottish Parliament’s Information Centre (SPICe), show the average Scot receives 19 prescriptions per year – charged at the new English rate of £9.15 each, people in Scotland would be out of pocket to the tune of £173.85.

In 2011, the SNP abolished prescription charges leaving Tory-run England the only part of the UK to charge patients for their medicine.

Commenting, Alex Neil MSP said:

“The NHS is our most important public resource and healthcare should always remain free at the point of use.

“Prescription charges were nothing more than a tax on ill health and I’m proud that thanks to the SNP ordinary Scots who are sick or living with long-term illnesses do not have to choose between medication and other necessities.

“But in England, the Tories are putting the future of the health service at risk by opening up our NHS to US-style privatisation, continuing to charge families a small fortune for vital medication.

“People are better off with the SNP, and only the SNP will keep Scotland’s NHS safe in public hands.”

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