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Highland Council Bin Lorry Goes on Fire


The Highland Council is urging members of the public not to put hot ashes into household bins.

Please ensure that ash is properly cooled before emptying into bins.

This plea comes from Highland Council as one if its refuse vehicles had a fire in the body of its vehicle this morning just off the A833 Tomnacross road.

Scottish Fire and Rescue were called to assist Council Waste operatives who are all safe.

The fire has now been extinguished and the lorry has been recovered to the Council’s Inverness depot, a replacement lorry has been provided and bin collections in this area will be provided as normal.

Carron McDiarmid, Highland Council’s Executive Chief Officer Communities and Place (pictured) said:

“We cannot stress enough – at any time – how important it is to take care not to place hot ash in bins.

“Not only does this put the safety of our staff at immediate risk, it also takes the Emergency Services away from dealing with other emergencies.

“In this time of COVID-19 crisis we urge everyone to be careful, please think, check and check again carefully if ash is cooled before discarding it.”

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