Highlands and Islands Students’ Association Welcomes 21/22 Executive Officer Team

The Highlands and Islands Students’ Association has welcomed a team of new and returning student officers, who will represent the students of the University of the Highlands and Islands as the institution enters another year of growth and change.

Elected by the students of the university and its academic partners in the Students’ Association’s annual elections, the executive officer team represents the student voice, sitting on the highest decision-making bodies of the University of the Highlands and Islands, meeting with local and national politicians, and campaigning for change that changes the student experience for the better.

This year, 6904 students voted in the student elections.

While representing over 30,000 students across the university, this year’s executive officer team has pledged to tackle issues of discrimination, sustainability, and mental wellbeing, while upholding the Students’ Associations goal of achieving an integrated institution that ensures equity of experience for students across Scotland.

This week, the 21/22 officers will be participating in the Students’ Association’s annual Executive Training, where the team attends a series of sessions, workshops and talks to learn how to best represent the students across the university partnership.

This year’s event will feature a talk by the University of the Highlands and Islands Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Todd Walker, a career development and future planning workshop and various talks designed to improve their knowledge of student engagement, representation and communications.

Returning for a second year, HISA President, Florence Jansen, said:

“I am incredibly proud to start my last year with HISA and to have the opportunity to lead such a fantastic executive officer team.

“We have some great new officers joining us and I can’t wait to see the work they do to improve the student experience across the university.

“Despite the challenges the pandemic has brought to the education sector, our team is ready to explore the post covid-19 environment and find new ways to engage with our students online and in person, making our activities more accessible and inclusive across the partnership.

“The pandemic has shown that close partnership working is to the benefit of all staff, students and the university’s sustainability.

“I hope that this year we will see the integration process begin through college alignment processes, making the University of the Highlands and Islands less top-heavy and allowing investment into the student experience.”

University of the Highlands and Islands Dean of Students, Dr Iain Morrison, said:

“HISA is a key partner for the university: we work in strong partnership with them to continually enhance our student experience and we benefit greatly from their support.

“They also provide healthy challenges when required to keep us on our toes and to focus on what is best for our students.

“I know that this new team of democratically elected officers will work hard to take forward their aspirations for the university and their peers and we look forward to working with them all in the year ahead.”