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Impact of Minimum Unit Pricing on Alcohol for Children


Public Health Minister comments on the report of the impact of Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) on protecting children and young people from others’ drinking.

Commenting on the Public Health Scotland report from the MUP evaluation programme Public Health Minister Joe FitzPatrick (pictured) said:

“We know children and young people living in families where a parent or carer is drinking at harmful levels need support and protection.

“This report reinforces the fact that parental or carer alcohol use is often just one of many factors affecting these families and our alcohol and drug strategies identify that tackling poverty and inequalities is central to reducing harmful use of alcohol and drugs. 

“During the current crisis, parents and carers affected by alcohol and drug use continue to be able to access support through organisations such as Scottish Families Affected By Alcohol & Drugs, We Are With You and the Scottish Recovery Consortium (SRC).

“The rights of children do not alter during this pandemic and nor do professional responsibilities in relation to child protection. 

“We have issued Covid-19 Supplementary National Child Protection Guidance for Chief Officers and Child Protection Committees, which published on 31 March, and continues to be updated.”

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