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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Jamie Stone Responds to Government U-Turn on Channel 4

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Responding to the news that the new Culture Secretary, Michelle Donelan, has written to the Prime Minister confirming that her recommendation is that the privatisation of Channel 4 does not go ahead, Liberal Democrat Culture spokesperson, Jamie Stone MP, has tabled a Written Question asking how much taxpayer’s money was spent on the previous Government’s plans to privatise the Corporation. 

Commenting, Jamie Stone said:

“Of course, this is good news – the threat to sell of Channel 4 was nothing more than a culture war waged by a rash and reckless Cabinet.

“But for this Government to be doing the exact opposite to the last just goes to show how divided the Conservatives are. 

“I think they need a break.

“The public need to know exactly how much taxpayer’s money the Government wasted on these fruitless plans, and how much money is wasted every time a new Cabinet member comes up with another impetuous vanity project.”

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