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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Kate Forbes MSP Statement on Home Farm Care Home

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The Care Inspectorate has confirmed that an inspection has identified serious and significant concerns about the quality of care experienced by residents at Home Farm care home on Skye – which has been at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak on the island.

The Care Inspectorate have also confirmed that they have submitted an application to the sheriff court seeking cancellation of the care home’s registration.

This will likely mean new care arrangements will be put in place for residents at the home.

Kate Forbes MSP (pictured) has been informed that NHS Highland had “effectively taken over” the running of the home.

Kate Forbes MSP said:

“This will be a very worrying time for the Skye community and residents of Home Farm Care Home, which has been run by private care home provider HC-One.

“It will be reassuring that NHS Highland is now effectively running the home, and has been providing additional staffing support since the outbreak.

“Without commenting on any legal cases, I said last week that there were very important questions for HC-One to answer about care at the home, and so I fully support actions taken by the Care Inspectorate to ensure standards are met.

“The care and support of residents is the highest priority here, and the serious concerns raised by the Care Inspectorate about HC-One’s management is a matter of grave importance.

“Our oldest and most vulnerable citizens deserve the highest levels of care, and the situation at Home Farm affects everybody in the local Skye community.”

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