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Let Cars Behind Pass

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Na h-Eileanan an Iar’s Angus MacNeil is pressing for clearer signage to be visible on island roads to raise awareness of the use of passing places on single track roads.

Commenting Angus MacNeil said:

“With increasing numbers of visitors coming to the islands, the correct use of passing places should be promoted more to motorists unfamiliar with single track roads.

“This would ensure that they understand that passing places are not just for oncoming traffic but also to allow traffic behind to pass.

“This is a particular problem with vehicles coming off ferries when there can be a convoy of vehicles behind someone who may be driving on a single-track road for the first time and does not realise that passing places should be used to allow for overtaking as well as giving way to oncoming vehicles.

“Perhaps Cal Mac should modify announcements too. 

“This can be very frustrating for locals, particularly when people are driving very slowly, admiring the scenery but do not use passing places to allow for overtaking. 

“Even the idea of overtaking usually implies both moving. 

“In reality, slow traffic has to go into passing places to let other vehicles pass. 

“Locals going about their day-to-day business can often find themselves not progressing very far and this causes stress when they might have other transport links to catch, appointments or work commitments.

“This problem is becoming more acute each summer as visitor numbers increase and while we warmly welcome visitors, it must be understood that passing places are not just for oncoming traffic but also to allow for overtaking.

“We must also understand that not everyone knows how single-track road work, but when they do, people are happy to pull in. 

“We have to communicate politely so that visitors better understand.”

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