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Listening Campaigning and Persuading Will WIN Independence

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Ahead of the SNP’s 89th Annual Conference in Aberdeen, SNP Leader Humza Yousaf has said “listening, campaigning and persuading” is the key to winning Scottish Independence.

As the First Minister prepares to deliver his first speech at a party conference as party leader on Tuesday, he opened the party’s debate on its Independence Strategy.

SNP Leader Humza Yousaf opened the debate saying:

“Conference is a time for us to engage in a respectful, democratic process – it is so important, at this of all times, to show debate at its best.

“It is through the democratic process that we will prevail in our cause to win Scotland’s independence.

“There is no short cut that will get us there.

“I tell you what will: listening, campaigning and persuading.”

Addressing the resolution in his name and that of SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn, Humza Yousaf said:

“People are crying out for a better future. 

“They want to get rid of a Tory government, but are far from convinced by Keir Starmer.

“So it is our duty, our solemn obligation, to set out how independence can bring about that better future.

“That’s why I am proposing that page one, line one of our manifesto should read: ‘Vote SNP for Scotland to become an independent country.’

“Because it is through independence, and only through independence, that we can extract ourselves from a failed, Brexit-based UK economy, and win the powers we need to build a stronger, fairer future.”

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