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Monday, August 8, 2022

Majority Support for Scottish Independence is Now The Established Position

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Support for Scottish independence has soared to 54 per cent, according to the latest Panelbase survey on behalf of Business for Scotland.

The opinion poll also revealed an increasing number of Labour voters now intend voting Yes – just two weeks after the Scottish Labour leadership hardened the party’s opposition to IndyRef2.

Support for independence among Scottish Labour voters now stands at 37 per cent, up from 35 per cent in a previous Panelbase survey less than three weeks ago.

And a further 13% of those who voted Labour in the last General Election are now teetering on the side of independence and unsure over which way to vote.

That leaves solid support for remaining in the Union within Scottish Labour’s core support at just 50%.

Commenting on the poll, SNP depute leader Keith Brown MSP said:

“Poll after poll now puts support for independence above 50 per cent.

“This is no longer a trend – majority support for independence is now the established position.

“All efforts of the Scottish Government have rightly been focused on combating the current Covid crisis but, where Nicola Sturgeon has shown exemplary leadership, the Westminster Government has lurched from blunder to blunder and the clear gulf in class is clearly not lost on Scottish voters.

“It’s no surprise the majority of Scots want shot of Boris Johnson and his cabinet of incompetents.

“And as for Richard Leonard, his doubling down on his opposition to IndyRef2 leaves him out of step with 50 per cent of his party’s supporters.

“That decision has now been exposed by his own supporters as an anti-democratic folly.

“If political leadership is being able to read the mood of the country, then Richard Leonard couldn’t lead a thirsty stag party to the pub.

“When the Covid crisis has been contained and we have returned to some degree of normality, the people of Scotland will be given the chance to make their votes count in Indyref2.”

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