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Migrant NHS Heroes Should be Given Indefinite Leave to Remain


The Liberal Democrats have called for all foreign national NHS workers risking their lives during the Covid-19 pandemic to be awarded indefinite leave to remain.

The call follows reports that doctors, nurses and paramedics will automatically have their visas extended, free of charge, for one year.

Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson Christine Jardine (pictured) said:

“The coronavirus crisis is an unprecedented threat and people are rightly worried.

“In times like this, we cannot thank front-line staff enough for going above and beyond to look after us all.

“Extending the visas in the NHS is welcome, but the Government must also do so much more for the social care system and urgently rollout adequate PPE and testing.

“There is a moral principle here.

‘If someone is prepared to risk their life for this country, they must be allowed to live in it.

“All foreign national NHS workers fighting for our lives during the Covid-19 pandemic are heroes.

“They should be awarded indefinite leave to remain.”

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