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Moray Council Adds Third Community Warden With Updates to Antisocial Behaviour Policy

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Moray Council’s updated Antisocial Behaviour Policy will see a third new Community Warden employed by the authority, with the team now comprised of five wardens.

Two additional Community Warden posts were recently added under the most recent budget agreement.

Now a third will be funded from the Housing Revenue Account to enhance the service for Council tenants.

The revised Antisocial Behaviour Policy agreed by the Housing and Community Safety Committee sets out the parameters for tackling antisocial behaviour and outlines steps the council and its partners will take to alleviate its impact.

The escalation process is also explained and consequences for those who engage in antisocial behaviour, as well as support available for those affected by it are included.

To effectively tackle antisocial behaviour, Moray Council will continue to work with Police Scotland, local community groups and other public sector partners.

A new Crime and ASB Tactical Group has been set up by the Community Safety Strategic Group, which will enable the deployment of the Community Wardens and other partnership resources to areas identified as ASB hotspots.

The Committee also updated the Housing Service Neighbour Nuisance and Antisocial Behaviour Policy.

This is specifically for Moray Council tenants and will help address issues between neighbours in council properties.

In addition, the committee approved the appointment of a specialist Housing Officer to focus on Antisocial behaviour in our housing stock. 

Moray Council’s Head of Housing & Property, Edward Thomas, said:

“An additional Community Warden and specialist Housing Officer will enable us to deliver enhanced service to our tenants, with early intervention a core principle as a responsible social landlord.

“The updated policies will help us create a safer and more harmonious community.

“These changes will make it easier for us to respond to antisocial behaviour and continue supporting our residents and tenants.”

The revised policy can be found here

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