New Report Confirms Renewables Robbery

Study shows Scotland being penalised in energy market.

Responding to SSEN Transmission’s latest TNUoS analysis paper, the SNP’s BEIS spokesperson, Stephen Flynn MP said:

“Report after report confirms that the current system of transmission charging is penalising Scotland, and this is the latest.

“Scottish renewables projects are paying huge sums to access the grid while equivalent projects in England are actually paid to connect to the very same ‘national’ grid.

“This is quite simply renewables robbery.

“Scotland has the potential to lead Europe in renewable energy, but we are being held back by a Tory Government with no interest in our net zero future, which has left us with the highest transmission charges in Europe.

“Whether deliberately or through sheer incompetence, the Tories are putting Scotland at a competitive disadvantage.

“This report makes it clear that Tory transmission charging is a barrier to net zero and it ramps up energy costs for the customers at home – the Tories must get the finger out and sort this blatant injustice or give us the power to fix it ourselves.

“Time and time again the renewables industry and the SNP have pleaded with the UK Government to create fairness in transmission charging across these islands and with every non-answer we get back from a Tory Minister, the people of Scotland are reminded of why this union is no longer fit for purpose.”