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Only The SNP Can Stop The Tories in Scotland


The SNP has warned that only a vote for the SNP will lock the Tories out and allow Scotland to escape the Brexit chaos at Westminster.

Neil Gray MP said the choice for voters in this election was “crystal clear” – and that only with the SNP would voters in Scotland have the chance to build a better future. 

Earlier this week, a YouGov poll showed that with a 20-point lead over its nearest rivals and with 42% of voters backing the SNP in the election – it is a vote for the SNP that will rid Scotland of a Tory government.

Commenting, SNP candidate Neil Gray said:

“For voters in Scotland, the choice in this election is crystal clear.

“It’s a choice between the SNP who reject Brexit, reject austerity and stand up for our local communities – or the Tories who want to cut Scotland off from Europe against our will, impose deeper cuts on public services and hand their rich chums in the City tax cuts.

“A vote for Labour at this election simply risks letting Tory MPs in through the backdoor – helping Boris Johnson fulfil his right-wing Brexit fantasy that will destroy jobs, businesses and household incomes here in Scotland.

“And the Tory campaign in Scotland is a blatant con trick, whatever they say a vote for the Tories will simply endorse a deeply damaging Brexit that will hit jobs, living standards and reduce workers’ rights.

“Scotland did not vote for Brexit, and voters across Scotland have made clear at every election since then, that they want to escape from Brexit.

“Only a vote for the SNP will allow Scotland to break free from the never-ending damage of Brexit and give Scotland the chance to choose a better future, as an independent European nation.”

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