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Monday, December 5, 2022

Overwhelming Majority of People Believe There is Corruption in UK Politics Thanks to Tory Sleaze

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A new poll has revealed that an overwhelming majority of people across the UK believe there is corruption in UK politics, following recent damning revelations of Tory sleaze and corruption.

It comes after Boris Johnson remarked that the UK is “not remotely a corrupt country” after more Tory MPs were engulfed in corruption and cronyism scandals.

The YouGov polling found that –

80% of people across Great Britain think corruption is either fairly (40%) or very (40%) present in UK politics – only 1% think there is no corruption at all.

In Scotland, a higher number of people (82%) said that there is a lot or fair amount of corruption in UK politics.

Commenting, SNP MP Pete Wishart (pictured) said:

“Despite Boris Johnson’s desperate attempts to deny and deflect from the ongoing Tory sleaze and corruption scandals, the reality is that people across the UK will not be fooled.

“New YouGov polling revealing an overwhelming majority of people across Scotland and UK believe that corruption is either very or fairly present in UK politics speaks volumes over how the Tories have trashed the rules and made it one rule for the Tory elite and another for the rest of us.

“It also suggests a big shift since similar polling by Opinium published on Sunday – before the Prime Minister’s remarks.

“With each day that passes, yet more examples of Tory sleazy, corruption and cronyism come to light.

“From being in the Caribbean and Cayman Islands rather than the Commons, lobbying for firms, lucrative Covid contracts, cash for curtains, texts for tax breaks, or luxury holidays paid for by mystery donors – the Tories are rotten to the core.

“The never-ending Tory corruptions scandal demonstrate once again that Westminster is broken beyond repair and not acting in our interests.

“The only way to escape Tory corruption is by becoming an independent country.”

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