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Monday, February 6, 2023

Public Sector Workers Better Off Under The SNP

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A host of public sector workers in Scotland will earn more than their equivalents in Tory-run England after the SNP’s tax proposals for 2021/22 take effect, according to new analysis.

New figures, released by the Scottish Parliament’s Information Centre, have revealed that a hospital porter at the top of the band two NHS pay scale will be £1,036 better off than their English equivalents.

Meanwhile a staff nurse, at the top of band five, will be £785 better off.

Emergency service staff in Scotland will also benefit from the SNP’s proposals to freeze income tax at current levels, with a band six paramedic receiving a higher salary after tax than those in England.  

A police constable at the top of their pay scale will also be £735 better off in Scotland.

Commenting, SNP MSP Tom Arthur (pictured) said:

“Scotland has the fairest tax system in the UK – with 55% of taxpayers paying less than they would down south.

“With one hand tied behind its back, and in the middle of a global pandemic and a damaging Tory Brexit, this SNP Government has ensured Scots continue to receive the best deal in the UK.

“These new figures show that our-hard working emergency service staff, and NHS heroes, are better off in Scotland as a result of the SNP’s spending decisions.

“The Tories would prefer to offer tax breaks to the super rich while pinching from the pockets of everyday people – they’ve even shamelessly imposed tax on the £500 Thank You Bonus for NHS workers.

“But this SNP Government remains fully focused on the day job – creating a more prosperous, equal society for us all.

“The question for voters at May’s election is simple.

“Who should be in charge of Scotland’s economic recovery from this virus, a government democratically elected by the people who live and work here, or Boris Johnson’s Tory party?”

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