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Rising Support Shows Trust in The SNP to Deliver for Scotland

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Strong backing for The First Ministers handling of The Coronavirus Crisis.

A new poll shows strengthened support for the SNP ahead of the Holyrood election next year, with more than half of Scotland backing the party in their constituency.

The Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times showed SNP support at 51% in the Holyrood constituency vote, an 8% increase in support from November – and almost double that of support for the second-place Tories, trailing at only 26%.

It also shows support for the SNP up by 10 points to 48% for the regional list vote.

If these figures were replicated in a Scottish Parliament election, it is forecast it would see the SNP win an unprecedented 70 seats at Holyrood.

The poll also shows very strong backing for First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, with a net score of plus 54.

It also found support for independence at 49%, leaving the question too close to call.

SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown MSP (pictured) said:

“This poll shows that support for the SNP is continuing to grow to historically high levels, as people continue to put their trust in the party to deliver for and protect Scotland.

“It also shows very strong public support for Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership and handling of the coronavirus pandemic, as the Scottish Government does everything it can to help and protect people, communities and businesses through the crisis.

“While taking nothing for granted, this strengthened support would translate to a record number of seats in Holyrood and sees opposition parties trailing far behind Scotland’s party of government.” 

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